Our LED displays are featured by following things.
-Our LED displays are networkable and programmed
in various ways: by remote controller, infrared wireless
keyboard, PAGER NET, CDMA, Wired/wireless LAN, and
Bluetooth. With monitoring by internet, you can check the
status of the LED signs.
-Up to your option, you can get full color LED displays.
This can be used for various events such as sports
broadcasting (World Cup, NBA, NFL, Major League
ball games and etc.), public performances and
-Our embedded type LED controllers without PC
(Personal Computer) and OS such as Windows XP
replay consistently SWF files and image files such as
JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. You can save cost of
maintenance fee because of abovereason.


*LED sign boards and displays are manufactured by DAERYUK LED TECHNOLOGY in KOREA.

*We offer a large selection of LED displays, outdoor electronic signs and display cars installed with- LED signs also.

*Our digital displays are available in single-line, scrolling signs, multiline information boards and full color displays.